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About David
Evening Wear
Extreme Fashion
Custom Designs
I want to give you the opportunity to become a part of the creative aspects in the making of your garment. For instance, you can select from several colors to customize almost anything. Most of my designs can be taken apart and put back together-- the skirts and jackets, pants and tops can all be intermingled and mixed in a myriad of ways to come up with a look that is entirely you. Would you like to see something lightweight transformed from a spring/summer look to a fall/winter look, or vice-versa? You are welcome to make any suggestions or send a swatch of any fabric. Not all designs will work well in all fabrics, but that is something that can be explored. All you need is a little imagination. Here is an example of a jacket that I took from one suit and paired it with another pant and changed the fabrication from silk to cashmere and PRESTO, a whole new outfit is created.
My main goal is to make you look and feel your best. So lets get started! Look at the outfits in Evening Wear, decide if the outfit is for you and contact me if you’d like me to make it a little different.
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