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Designer, hair-dresser, make-up artist, photographer, painter, and writer: in a word - ARTIST. This is the life of John-David.

While conquering the world of hair and make-up by keeping some of the most well-heeled women of Philadelphia happy and quite well coiffed, he has managed to find the time to develop a line of fashion to further extend his all encompassing vision concerning the world of beauty.

Born in the mountains of Colorado in 19@# (does it really matter?), he proceeded eastward where he landed in Center City Philadelphia right smack in the middle of the disco era (under-age of course) where his fascination with the fashion scene began to emerge after noticing that the already "beautiful people" could look just a little bit better if they did a little this, a little that…you get the picture. So he set about lending his own special insight to the matter.

After honing his craft for several years doing hair and make-up, he eventually wound up involved in photo shoots and began dressing people. All this led to a brief, but colorful stint on the Las Vegas strip where he dressed showgirls. FABULOUS! He came away from these experiences with a true understanding and insight into the female form and how to adorn it in the most unusual ways.

He has now combined all of this knowledge and come up with the very successful HOUSE OF MOHR, a small jewel-box of a beauty salon/boutique/custom clothing store located in the heart of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, a suburb of lovely downtown Philadelphia where he routinely expresses his unique vision for the aforementioned ladies in the area.

Time to branch out.

Now while working himself into a tizzy (as well as several pattern makers, seamstresses and numerous assistants), he has finally decided to unleash his vision on the world and expand his horizons by designing a web-site that is sure to entertain as well as intrigue even the most jaded of the fashionistas, while showing that style knows no size.

He has created a very finely crafted line of "after five" wear that can be mixed and matched with each other, as well as with other pieces to create a more low-key dressed up look. Several pieces can be made up in numerous colors as well as fabrics that may not be shown.

This website is designed to give YOU the opportunity to add your own input in order to create a "custom" look for yourself. Stock orders are returnable, custom orders (of course) are not. Just follow our sizing charts exactly and you’ll be fine.

Welcome to the world of